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If you’re exploring your abortion options, Eve Medical of Miami in Miami, Florida, offers surgical procedures in the first trimester and second trimester. We also offer medical (non-surgical) options, such as the abortion pill RU-486 (Mifeprex) or the Methotrexate injection. The clinic is a member of the National Abortion Federation which offers financial assistance if you need help paying for your abortion and qualify for funding. Get the comprehensive, supportive care you need today. Call or book online now.


What are my abortion options?

The two different methods are surgical and medical abortion. These options depend on your medical history, the length of the pregnancy, and your preference. 

In a surgical abortion, your provider removes the contents of the uterus with surgical instruments. With a medical abortion, you take medication to expel the contents of your uterus. The medications can be taken orally, vaginally, or with an injection.

How does surgical abortion compare to medical abortion?

Surgical abortion pros and cons:   

  • Completed the same day
  • Managed by your provider
  • Minimizes the risk of an incomplete abortion
  • Although very rare, surgical abortion carries a slight risk or uterine perforation, infection, or complications associated with anesthesia.

Medical abortion pros and cons:

  • Non-invasive
  • More private
  • The medications frequently must work overnight and finish the following day

What are the kinds of abortion procedures?

The licensed providers at Eve Medical of Miami offer several options:

  • First-trimester surgical procedure 
  • Second-trimester surgical procedure
  • Mifeprex (abortion pill)
  • Methotrexate (abortion injection) 

Your provider discusses each process and potential side effects to help you decide which type of abortion is appropriate for you.

What happens during a second-trimester abortion procedure?

Your procedure varies depending on whether you have a vacuum aspiration, a procedure available if you’re between 5-14 weeks gestation, or dilation and evacuation (D&E), which is available up to 24 weeks gestation. 

Generally, your doctor dilates your cervix to make room to remove the pregnancy tissue. Then, they remove the tissue with surgical instruments, although sometimes vacuum aspiration or suction are also used. 

Abortion in the later second trimester of pregnancy (17-24 weeks) takes place in our office over several hours on two consecutive days. 

On the first day, your doctor examines you and performs an ultrasound. Then, several sterile dilators, called Laminaria, are inserted into your cervix that gradually enlarges the opening of your cervix. 

The next day, your return to the clinic, are administered anesthesia and have your procedure. During surgery, your doctor uses small forceps and gentle suction to remove your pregnancy.

What tests do I need before an abortion?

When you arrive at Eve Medical of Miami, expect the following tests: 

  • Pregnancy test
  • Blood hemoglobin level to check your blood count and rule out anemia 
  • Blood type Rh antigen

You also have a physical assessment. Lastly, your provider performs an internal exam and an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

Find out more about your abortion alternatives by calling or scheduling a consultation online with Eve Medical of Miami.