How Smoking Can Impact Your Reproductive Health

How Smoking Can Impact Your Reproductive Health

Plenty of women smoke when they’re younger, and give up cigarettes after they become pregnant. However, you shouldn’t wait until a positive test to quit cigarettes, and breaking the habit early can help preserve your fertility. Whether you plan on having children or just want to keep your options open, it’s never a bad time to stop smoking. 

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How smoking affects your reproductive health

You’ve likely heard the stories: Smoking is bad for your lungs, heart, arteries, and every other system in your body. People who smoke are constantly reminded that it’s bad for them, but it gets easier to ignore the warnings over time. 

It can be difficult to grasp the consequences of smoking, especially when you’re still young and active. You might not experience problems with your heart or lungs for many years, but smoking can have unforeseen consequences, especially if you plan on starting a family.

Tobacco can affect your fertility and reproductive system in many ways, including: 

Men and women who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from infertility than non-smokers. Even if you do conceive, smoking before or during pregnancy increases your chances of miscarriage or stillbirth. 

Planning ahead 

If you plan on having a child, quitting cigarettes is the best thing you can do for them. The sooner you quit, the healthier you will be when you finally get pregnant, and the healthier your child will be as a result. 

Breaking the habit early can also reduce your chances of picking it back up again, protecting your child from the effects of secondhand smoke. 

Even if your dreams of having a family are distant or nonexistent, just quitting cigarettes can improve your health tenfold. Within the first year of quitting, your risk of heart attack drops, your breathing improves, and your immune system gets back on its feet. You might even notice cosmetic benefits, like a brighter complexion, thicker hair, and healthier teeth. 

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